How to Decorate a Garage Door

How to Decorate a Garage Door

Decorating your garage door will give your home a unique look, and it will brighten up your entire neighborhood. By using a few materials that you may have on hand already, you can decorate your home’s garage door quickly and easily. If you add one of these simply elegant decorations to your garage door, your house will become the star of your neighborhood.  You may want to decorate for the holidays or simply to brighten up the front of your home.  Let us show you some cool ways to change your garage door from bland to fabulous.

How to Decorate a Garage Door

Contact Paper

If your garage door is looking bland, choose a contact paper textured pattern to give your garage door an updated look. The peel and stick nature of contact paper provides a quick fix for the exterior of your garage door. Contact paper comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Measure the garage door and purchase enough rolls to cover the door in its entirety.

Be sure to wipe down your garage door before applying the contact paper onto the exterior surface. For best results, you will need to start at the top and let the roll drop down while peeling the backing off so that the adhesive is firmly pressed evenly onto the door. Your garage door will be immediately transformed when you stick the contact paper directly onto the garage door.

If your garage door has windows, cover the windows with the paper. Use a knife to carve around the edges. Then, remove the excess paper carefully so that the edges are not left raw. The contact paper is inexpensive, and you can change the pattern on your garage door as often as you’d like.  Get your kids involved they can have a lot of fun with this too.

A Mural

Decorating your garage door with a mural can turn the blank canvas into a masterpiece. If you don’t want to paint directly onto the garage door, create a canvas for painting by sticking clear or white contact paper on the door. Using a spray paint primer, spray a layer of primer onto the contact paper. Then, paint your mural. If you have a projector, choose your image and place the image into the projector. Project the image onto the garage door and trace the outline. After the outline dries, you will be able to fill in the details with color paint. Be sure to use paints labeled for use on exteriors. For this decoration, you are only limited to your imagination. When you are ready to change your garage door’s look, you can peel off the contact paper and start over.  Here is a look at some holiday decals that can be attached to your garage door.

Ribbons and Bows

When you change the seasonal decor inside your home, be sure to change your garage door’s decoration as well. Each season has its own color palette. You can update your garage door’s decoration with a large ribbon and bow in the colors of the current season. You can place the bow in the center of the door for a traditional look with the ribbon trailing off to the sides. Anchor the bow and ribbon with durable colorful duct tape on the underside of the bow and ribbon. These simple touches made with a wide wire ribbon can give your garage door’s image a lift without breaking the bank.

Adhesive Floor Tile

To give your garage door a wooden look, you can apply a faux wood finish by gluing wooden floor tiles to the garage door. The wood finish will completely change the appearance of a plain metal garage door. This is a decorating project that you can finish in a weekend.

Hardware and Windows

By painting on windows and attaching hardware, you can transform your drab garage door. It will become a statement piece of your home and neighborhood. By choosing special hardware, you can transform a plain garage door into a carriage garage door. These traditional accents can give your garage door a touch of elegance.

Tips to Remember

Use only lightweight materials on your garage door. As long as your decorations weigh less than one pound, your garage door should open and close as normal. When decorating metal garage doors, you can even use vinyl or magnets as statement pieces for decoration. Colorful lights and messages can also be added.

With a little time and a dash of creativity, your bland garage door can become the toast of your neighborhood. By using a combination of paint, hardware, contact paper, and ribbons, you can create a unique garage door decorative masterpiece. Your garage door’s unique style will welcome you home at the end of the day and provide a warm welcome to visitors.

What’s Involved in Contemporary Interior Design?

Significant aspects of contemporary interior design

Contemporary interior design is characterized by clean lines and smooth surfaces without complicated details. However, this does not imply that your home will look dull and cold. Long gone are the old days when boxy furniture and unconventional decorating defined the contemporary interior design. In modern society, the contemporary interior design comes along with comfort and vital elements that give your home a classy, fresh look and feel. To achieve a contemporary look in your home consider incorporating these significant aspects: metal accent pieces, texture, and color, lighting and wood tone.

Metal accent pieces

Stainless steel, nickel, and chrome are some of the common metals when it comes to contemporary interior design. These metals are common because they are known to provide a clean and fresh looking finishing. Choosing stainless steel equipment for your kitchen will tone your home. In the case of your bathroom and kitchen faucets, there is a wide variety of metal finishes to pick from. Accents meant to be used at home you should consider using metal for lamps, shelves, furniture pieces and artwork, this aim at maintaining consistency from one room to another.


texture type

If you intend to incorporate texture in creating an inviting and natural looking setting, consider using fabrics like velvet, silk, wool or even linen. To balance the effect of the clean, smooth lines of the metal accent pieces you can add fabric window treatments, overstuffed pillows, area rugs and linen wallpaper. When selecting your fabric, you should avoid elaborate patterns. They tend to distort the clean and contemporary interior design you want to achieve.


color chart

Color is a significant element of contemporary interior design. Commonly in contemporary interior design, neutral colors tend to give it balance. When painting the walls, you will most probably choose from shades of taupe, brown, milk white or cream. To quickly make your room attractive you could opt to have one wall painted with an accent color. The look can then be supplemented with a boldly colored sofa and a selection of small yet striking decorative accessories like artworks, pillows, lighting fixtures and area rugs. When accessorizing ensure you do not clutter your space because contemporary interior design aims at simplicity.

Wood tones

Natural Woods tones

When you are choosing wood surfaces, always remember that contemporary interior design in most cases features very dark or exceedingly light tones. There is a wide variety of woods; designs, finishes, and stains to select from and easily get a flooring design that is out of this world. @When it comes to wood the limiting factors are only your expectations and financial ability. Wood could also be incorporated into your contemporary interior design through the use of large wooden flower vessels, shelves, coffee tables, picture frames and floor lighting. Ensure simplicity is maintained in your contemporary interior design.


In contemporary interior design, light is a crucial bit. Lighting illuminates the design of a room. When it comes to lighting, you are spoilt for choice. Many lighting options provide interesting and clean lines to articulate with your contemporary interior design.