How to Clean Construction Dust from Wood Floors

How to Clean Construction Dust from Wood Floors

Getting your well-constructed first home or even your old house renovated is undoubtedly a moment of pride.  However, cleaning up the mess that is an aftermath of the construction process is undoubtedly an enormous headache.  Most of us struggle with the entire cleaning process of the construction dust that settles in on different surfaces including the floorings, walls, and even in places where we can hardly reach.  In this article, we would be discussing the various steps in which you can clean the construction dust from your wooden floors.

Step1: Be Ready With The Right Equipment

Now before you begin with the cleaning process, I would suggest you gather up all of the necessary tools that you would require for the entire cleaning process of your wooden flooring.  Getting everything together ahead of time will ensure that you have all of the tools that you need and you won’t have to be interrupted with a trip to the hardware store.

The essential things that you would need are:

1. A face mask to help you from inhaling the dust yourself and making yourself sick.

2. A pair of work gloves.

3. A good quality vacuum cleaner.

4. Good quality broom for sweeping the floor.

5. Dustpan.

6. Dust mop.

7. A few buckets of warm water.

8. If possible a better quality towel, which is soft as well.

9. Detergent that is safe to use on your wood floors.

Step 2: The Actual Method Of Cleaning The Wooden Floors

This step can be further divided into smaller steps as follows, to make things a lot easier for you:

1. Wear your Face mask – This step is essential before you begin with any of the cleaning processes. The aim is to help you from inhaling the harmful dust from the construction particles, which can also harm your health.  So first things first – always protect yourself!

2. Wear your Hand gloves – Similarly, you need to protect your hands from coming in contact with any cleaning solutions that you might be using in the further cleaning processes.  You never know what they might contain.  Prevention is much easier than a chemical burn, so keep the gloves on even if they are irritating.

3.Sweep up the floor – This is to gather up the bigger dirt and dust dust particles and mainly if it is construction dust, then it certainly has to begin by sweeping it up.  Please take a good quality broom and begin sweeping gently across the wood floor, making sure you pick up most of it in a dustpan.  Make sure you dust the room multiple times, with regular motions, to wipe out the construction dust completely, which tends to resettle. Make sure you keep a gap of about 10 minutes between your multiple sweeping sessions.

4 . Vacuum the wood floor – Using a vacuum post the full sessions is always a brilliant idea. However, before going ahead with the vacuuming process, make sure you put up the right attachment of the vacuum cleaner, to not damage or scratch your precious wooden flooring.  The best one would be to use the floor brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner, which will gently suck the dust from the floor completely.  Vacuums are also necessary to suck the dust in between those little crevices that your wood floor might have otherwise. A regular broom cannot reach out to such hard places.

5. Mop the floor – Now to make your floor utterly bereft of the construction dust, take a bucket of warm water and soft mop (excellent quality, so as not to damage your wooden floor in any way possible).  Mop as gently as possible with multiple strokes, intermittently dipping the mop in clean water to remove the excess dust always use a brand new clean mop head to clean up your wood floor after construction.  This step will ensure that the mop remains a bit clean every time you use it on the floor, taking up all the remaining dust particles along with it.   Now let the floor dry up completely, before following the next step.

6. Use a branded wooden floor cleaner – By branded, what we mean is an excellent quality cleanser product, which takes complete care of your wood floor. Make sure the floor cleaner that you would be using should be of ultimate quality and only meant for cleaning wooden surfaces such as floors.  This step will ensure a much cleaner and polished looking surface for your wooden floor, along with a longer life as well.   Make sure you wipe off any excess floor cleaner solution with a soft towel to make your floors shine for a longer duration.


Following the steps mentioned above to clean your construction dust would ensure an altogether cleaner, smoother and long lasting polished effect on your precious wooden floors.